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540Companies first began creating unique branded promotional merchandise for major brands and Fortune 500 Companies in 2001 under the Promo540 banner. Our success creating programs that generated significant ROI created a growth opportunity in 2009 to expand into brand licensing, giving way to the creation of 540Brands. Our growing portfolio of licenses ships to over 4,000 retail doors worldwide.

540Brands understands how to activate a licensed brand and successfully launch it in the retail marketplace. Our product design and execution directly targets what the consumer is looking for allowing them to participate in the lifestyle and brands they are passionate about.


As a design and merchandising expert 540Companies can be your third-party private label supplier. We manufacture and provide turn-key merchandise to extend your brand presence, increase revenue, and market directly to retail and consumer channels.


Promo540 continues to partner with clients from concept through delivery, providing high-impact solutions that promote brand awareness, corporate identity, trade show visibility and special events.

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